About Body Mapping

Many musicians deal with chronic pain and injury throughout their careers – and some have their careers ended by it. Body Mapping, as taught by licensed Andover Educators, teaches musicians how to move according to the true design of the body to prevent and recover from performance-related pain and injury. This practice is valuable for musicians and music teachers at all stages of their musical lives – it is never too early, or too late, to begin.

Body mapping is a self-directed study, but students often benefit from a series of one-on-one lessons in which they work to identify “mis-mappings” – the very common instances where a musician’s mental map of their body doesn’t match reality. Through movement explorations and practice, Body Mapping students re-map their understanding of their own body and those of their students, leading to increased ease of playing and reduced risk of injury.

A great introduction to Body Mapping is the “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” course, which is offered semi-regularly in St. John’s by Lauren, and by her colleagues Jennifer Johnson, and Gabriela Sanchez. This is an in-depth introduction to body mapping concepts and an excellent jumping-off point for private lessons or personal study.

Next Course: Date to be Announced. To sign up for the notification list, contact Lauren at lauren@laurensmee.ca

 Lauren’s Body Mapping Story

As a young music student Lauren experienced repeated injuries to her right shoulder joint as well as generalized pain, tension and fatigue whenever she played. While pursuing her undergraduate music studies these problems became serious enough that she began to fear she would not be able to finish the degree.

At this critical juncture in her life, Lauren made the lucky decision to come to St. John’s to study as a young artist at the Tuckamore Festival, where she met Jennifer Johnson, who was at that time the only licensed Andover Educator in Canada. In her first Body Mapping lesson Lauren felt a glimpse of what it would be like to play pain-free and she knew this was the information she was missing.

With Jennifer’s help Lauren continued to work away at relearning healthy movement; little by little the pain disappeared and playing became easier and more enjoyable, a process that continues to this day. Now Lauren helps other musicians as a licensed Andover Educator, integrates Body Mapping principles into her violin teaching, and continues to find increasing joy in making music free of pain.