This page is for resources that I often recommend to people. Rather than emailing the same article repeatedly to different students I’m collating some favourite resources in one handy webpage so we can all find them easily. Some are books, so the link will simply direct you to an online bookseller, but many are websites, online articles, and podcasts. There are no doubt many other fabulous resources on all of these topics – these are just a few of my current favourites.

Local music organizations I’m involved in/have been involved in (AKA alphabet soup):

STEP – – The Suzuki program where I teach

NSO – – the orchestra in which I play

NLSI – – summer Suzuki camp for families

ICMI – – summer chamber music for advanced students

Tuckamore – – summer chamber music for very advanced students, plus lots of fabulous concerts

MUN School of Music – – where I studied as a grad student

CFM local 820- – musicians’ union

MUN Chamber Music for Youth – weekly chamber music for students ages 9-18

QVE – – the choir in which I sing

Other local music organizations I encourage my students to join when appropriate:

CALOS Youth Orchestras – formerly the NSYO

Strong Harbour Strings

National/International music organizations I’m involved in:

Suzuki Association of the Americas –

Andover Educators –

Suzuki resources:

Helping Parents Practice – – this book is required reading for all new Suzuki parents. Usually included in your STEP Beginners Program registration.

Nurtured by Love – – this book is also required reading for all new Suzuki parents. Also usually included in your STEP Beginners Program registration

Body Mapping resources:

Andover Educators website – – there are lots of Body Mapping articles and lists of available books here

 What Every Violinist Needs to Know About the Body – – This book is an amazing resource on how to apply Body Mapping to violin playing. There is a whole series of similar books for different instruments.

Teaching Body Mapping to Children – – This book takes the incredible detail in the book above and shows how to present it to children in bite-sized pieces.

How to Learn the Alexander Technique – – Don’t let the title deceive you – this book is more about Body Mapping than the Alexander Technique.